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About us

About us

During the past years, the tasks regarding trading in plastics have changed considerably. At the beginning, it concerned mostly the sale of small lots in the field of remnants, colour remnants as well as transition lots and off-spec goods and secunda qualities.

Later on, trading was expanded by including a sales organization for european and overseas producers. Besides, our customer service has been considerably improved. Nowadays, we are in a position to accept and handle for transition storage large-scale quantities of goods for silo in bags. Because of our silo capacity available - 500 to 800 tons each, according to quality - we can also handle bulk shipments. Stores are mostly located in the vicinity of our customers.

Together with our partners we are in a position to ensile the goods, i.e. cutting bags, packing silo goods into neutral bags and apply the markings wich may be required for export.

Besides, we are able to sieve coarse particles from powder charges and to separate impurities from granules.